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USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 07/25/12

News The USS Tiburon sends condolences and our sympathies to all the victims and everyone involved in the tragic shooting at the Aurora Century 16. Jon Z’s commentary on the shooting. Patrick Stewart Carries the Olympic Torch

Tragedy in Aurora Colorado

The USS Tiburon a chapter of STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association has multiple members in Aurora Colorado, several are less then a mile from the theater where the incident took place.  I am thankful that everyone so

USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 07/18/12

News Remembering the Flying W – A Tour of the Devastation Denver ComicCon Announces 2013 Dates Just for Fun Cool New Trek Toys! SciFi Astrology?

Cool NEW Trek toys coming soon!

OK so surfing around the internet the other day I happened across an article about some cool toy releases that were displayed at San Diego Comic Con and of course they are STAR TREK related! For many

From the Hole

A question came up at Denver ComicCon a few weeks ago. “Who / What are the Starfleet Marines?” Having been associated with Starfleet since ’93 I have a bit of a unique perspective on this branch of

Colorado’s Beach Front Property

    Chief Science Officer Log:  Stardate 15920.12 As the USS Tiburon was in orbit for a refit, myself Chief Science officer, chief communications officer and the chief of the marines beamed down for a bit of