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USS Tiburon featured on web article

Ok Tiburon fans this is pretty cool.  I was checking up on the USS Tiburon’s Facebook page (have you been there yet?) and while doing so I received a message notification.  It was from the articles author,  Tye Bourdony.  He was

Best of Both World’s on the Big Screen

Members of House VamPyr, the USS Pioneer and USS Tiburon gathered at a sold out theater in downtown Denver Thursday night April 15th for the Fathom Screening of Best of Both World’s. Moments after arriving at the

Region 17 Awards Announced!

Here is a announcement email sent out by Region 17 Coordinator John Roberts.  I want to congratulate each  member of the USS Tiburon that either directly won an award or was part of the crew the made

From the Hole – Special Edition!

As something of a leader in “The Hole” I am honored to present various awards each year. At the time of this publication I am pleased to annonce the Starfleet Marine Corps 2012 Awards for the 17th

Tiburon role playing Episode 2: Cat and Mouse

In need of repairs and supplies the USS Tiburon heads for Ferengi space. While travelling there they conduct a search of Ambassador’s Gali and Starfleet Engineers Tis quarters. Upon investigation they find a hidden in-house communication between

USS Tiburon is proud to present: Echoes In Space Karaoke at STARFEST