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USS Tiburon General Meeting June 21st @ 1pm

The USS Tiburon is proud to announce the date of it’s June meeting! What is a general meeting you ask? Well simply put it’s a meeting where members, friends and invited guests can come together and discuss Tiburon

USS Tiburon’s own Ferengi – Frak!

Caught on camera at this past weekends Denver Comic Con was the USS Tiburon’s own Ferengi – Frak!  A big thank you to the video taker, Scott Crosson for not only taking this video but allowing us

Where to find us at Denver Comic Con!

This weekend is Denver Comic Con and just like the last few years it’s even bigger then before!  The Tiburon display has grown each years well and this year is looking GREAT!  We have a resident Borg,

Ranked Reading for June 2014

Greetings Readers and Tiburon followers for brand new edition of Ranked Reading. For the uninitiated to this column here are the basics. First, I read a book. Then, I give the book a Star Trek rank. The