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A little about the U.S.S. Tiburon

The U.S.S. Tiburon is not just a bunch of couch potatoes living in our parent’s basement (although sometimes one might wonder!)  We are a group of friends that came together because of a common interest in STAR TREK and Sci-Fi.  Though there are a variety of meetings and events throughout the course of each month, no meeting or event is required. If you wished, you could just participate electronically, but what fun would that be?  We do encourage participation in Tiburon activities,  such as attending events as a group and contributing to our community.  We plan things like barbeques, picnics, movie viewings, cultural outings and just about anything in between. Our activities and events are only limited by our imagination and dedication. Each member of the Tiburon brings their own unique and special abilities to the group.  The U.S.S. Tiburon recognizes the participation and contribution of its members by assigning fictional ranks and positions within the chapter.

What does the USS Tiburon do?

The Tiburon holds a variety of events throughout the month, none are required all are highly suggested.  Currently, our standard events include a monthly bowling night, weekly role playing and the production of the bi-monthly newsletter, the Open Waters.  We currently are not holding a monthly business meeting but that may change in the future.  So as you can see the group gets together to have fun and do interesting things.  Our non-standard events are only limited by our imagination and any member may suggest an activity at any time. All one has to do is post an email or make a suggestion for an event.

Is the U.S.S. Tiburon a part of  or affiliated with CBS/Paramount?

We are not affiliated with CBS or Paramount, the Roddenberry family, or any of their subsidiary groups. We are a volunteer fan group only.

How can I join the U.S.S. Tiburon?

Becoming a member of the U.S.S. Tiburon is simple– If you would like to join, simply fill out this online form, and at the bottom, be sure to select ‘R17 – USS TIBURON’ in the drop-down box. For $15.00/yr. in membership dues, you will receive a starting position as Crewman aboard the U.S.S. Tiburon, a membership card, a membership certificate, and access to everything we do. That’s just a few of many benefits of being a member of our ship.

Where do you get those costumes?

We have established an amazingly wonderful relationship with the people at Cosplaysky. Once you join you will receive a discount with Cosplaysky.  The problem with finding First Contact-era Star Trek uniforms is that you’ll either find costumes that are painfully low in quality, or you’ll find high-quality costumes that run as much as $500-$600, easy. Cosplaysky’s uniforms are of amazing quality and, perhaps more importantly, they have movie-level detail that is difficult to find anywhere else.

 What if I don’t want to purchase a uniform?

You’re not required to. You can still join and partake in the full U.S.S. Tiburon experience without owning a costume, and nobody will think less of you for it. Costuming is expensive, and not everyone can budget for such a thing. In fact, because of that very fact, we have alternative Class uniforms with components that you probably already own, or can obtain fairly inexpensively.


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