To the Cyber-Home of the 888th Tiger Sharks. Here you will find vital information about our members and our mission. Our primary mission is to extend the hand of friendship to all the various forms of Sci-Fi fandom in and around the Colorado area. We accomplish this through several means. One of which is by volunteering with various non-profit, community service organizations such as Toys for Tots.



During the Dominion War a glaring need was discovered in SFMC doctrine. With most if not all MSG’s falling under one or maybe two branches it was decided there was a need for a more fluid reaction force. The 888th was formed to fill this need. While specializing in mainly Special Operations the 888th is not designed like a normal MSG.

While maintaining a normal command structure, (OIC, DOIC, SgtMaj.), the rest of the MSG is a loose team of four squads that can be formed into as large or small a unit as needed. A typical deployment force for the 888th is two squads, a “go” squad and a back-up or “ready” squad. The remaining two squads are held in reserve or can be deployed in a support role.