The USS Tiburon is proud to present

Echoes in Space is proud to announce the increase in our song library to 120,000+ songs!


What is Echoes in Space Karaoke?

During a convention a Karaoke “panel” was held, members of the USS Tiburon went and participated in this panel.  The panel hosts were in a small room and their equipment was not functioning at 100% it was noted at this point that the USS Tiburon had access to a professional Karaoke setup that was owned by a member.  After some talking and planning Echoes in Space Karaoke was born.

The idea was to offer a professional grade Karaoke experience to convention and fan organizations in the greater Denver Colorado area.  Echoes in Space Karaoke deputed at MileHiCon in October of 2012. Plans currently include appearances at GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs in February 2013 and KlingonFest at STARFEST in April 2013.

Why try Karaoke? Think about it.

You and a group of your friends want to do something fun together. You want an environment where you can just let loose and have fun! You want something that costs little but can bring big benefits, resulting in good times, memories and most of all laughs. Singing is one of them.

Singing has long roots, as long as history of the human race. We began to sing probably when we were all still in the Stone Age. Singing brought social benefits to the people. We sing in the shower, in our cars, or in the Mall while we are shopping.

Whether you realize it or not, singing is fun and relaxing. Not matter how bad you sing your friends will sing as bad as you most of the time. So you can make fun of each other while each other are performing and it’ll all be fun. The friendships and social interactions that are gained are legendary. Whether a participant or a supportive bystander karaoke provides the setting that we all need. We t Echoes from Space Karaoke encourage you to take a few friends to a local karaoke shop, and you’ll see what we mean.

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Upcoming Appearances;


Echoes In Space Karaoke with be Friday Night March 11th in the KlingonFest room starting at 9:30 PM. Make sure to stop by and have a good time.