August Crew Member of the Month – Capt. Lee Montgomery

While this post may be a few days overdue, this member’s recognition is certainly more overdue than that. There are two things that come to mind when one thinks of Mr. Montgomery, they are loyalty and versatility. We’re talking about a man that is capable of doing anything that he sets his mind to. Since joining the USS Tiburon Lee has stepped up and made his presence known. He has volunteered and worked every event, started some new projects and has assisted in the bridging of the USS Tiburon with other groups.

He’s proven that he’s always down to help a friend, and willing to step up and do his part whenever needed– not to mention his wicked sense of humor.

We among the Tiburon couldn’t be prouder of Security Chief Lee Montgomery and are honored to have him as a member of the USS Tiburon.