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Headlong Flight

Headlong Flight By Dayton Ward Continuing on a survey mission of uncharted space known as the “Odyssean Pass,” a nebula catches the interest of the crew U.S.S Enterprise E. During their survey of the spatial anomaly, a

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online (STO) is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that was launched in February, 2010, set in the Star Trek universe 30 years after the events that took place in the feature film Star Trek:

Star Trek Voyager: A Pocket Full of Lives, by Kristen Beyer

I would like to start this book review by saying I am not the biggest Voyager fan. I did watch the series, but only because after Deep Space Nine ended there was no other Trek on TV.

Friday Night Social, May 2016

Back in February of this year, the crew of the Tiburon, in an effort to reconnect to our friends and meet new people, created our social nights. A night one day a month to meet up relax

Rocky Horror – Steam Punk Fusion

Esquire Theater goers were taken on a journey into “Pure Imagination” Saturday March 26th, as Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient preformed their Second Annual Steam Punk Show. Denver’s Rocky Horror Picture Show’s shadow cast created a sense of wonder

Mile High Sci-Fi vs The Last Starfighter

As an avid fan of movies, new or old, good or bad, one of my favorite activities while watching is to talk back to the screen. In the tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mile High Sci-Fi