Beam us up it’s dangerous down here.

Hello there,

As we can tell from Earth orbit the planet has recently seen a fair number of natural disasters. Hurricanes hitting the states of Texas and Florida and the territory of Puerto Rico. Fires in California and other places. Being one whose family is currently in a valley ringed by fire the thoughts of myself and many of the crew are with those in all of the effected areas. If you live in any of the areas which have been or currently are being effected by a natural disaster (I know I probably missed a few) please be safe out there. For those that aren’t, my biggest recommendation, IF YOU ARE ABLE, is to donate blood. I spoke with the blood bank nearest me and they said that they are sending blood out to all areas as requests come in. Remember, you can donate whole blood every eight (8) weeks. Even if your blood doesn’t go to one of the disaster areas it could very well save a life. After a brief hiatus I’ll be getting back to regular donations myself later this week. If you aren’t able to donate blood I encourage you to check with a local charity (take your pick) and see what you can do to help them.

Peace and Long Life my friends,

The XO