Eaglemoss Star Trek Collectibles – The Undiscovered Country Beyond

Eaglemoss Star Trek Collectibles-The Undiscovered Country Beyond

By:  Christopher B. Swanson (Security Chief)

For this month’s Tiburon article, I will review the line of Star Trek ships currently available from Eaglemoss.  Eaglemoss is a company in Great Britain that currently makes the licensed Star Trek starship line.

The starship line consists of various ships from all Star Trek series/timelines, including newer ships from Discovery as well.  The non-Discovery ships can be seen on Eaglemoss’ website.  The ships from Star Trek Discovery can be seen here.

It is interesting to note that Eaglemoss currently plans to release somewhere around 160 ships, just in the original (non-Discovery) starship class.  The originally planned run was for only 70 ships, but that list has been extended five different times now, as Star Trek fans have asked that new ships from the different series be added to the already existing collection.  This clearly indicates that Eaglemoss is more than willing to listen to the voices of fans in creating these ships.

Eaglemoss has also set up another collection of starships that are significantly larger versions of other starships in the original line.  This is called the XL line and currently consists of Enterprise NX-01; Enterprise NCC-1701, 1701-A, B, C, D, and E; Voyager; Defiant (our class of ship); and Reliant.  It appears that these particular ships were given the XL treatment because they are considered iconic (not Iconian) ships from the TV series and movies.  These ships range from 8.5 to 11 inches long and are available on Eaglemoss’ site for $75.00.  Eaglemoss also has special edition ships and shop exclusives.

As for the regular ships themselves, they are available for approximately $20.00 apiece and they measure approximately 5.5 inches.  The ships are incredibly detailed and are much more substantial than they look.  They are die-cast and made of metal along with plastic parts.  I currently have about 60 ships and only a few have ever broken.  Of course, that was due to living with a five-year-old boy and several cats.  These ships are definitely high-quality, and I feel that they are well worth the price Eaglemoss charges.  Each ship also comes with its own magazine that is well thought out and very informative.  Each issue starts with several pictures of the layout of the ship and unique facts about each ship.  For instance, the magazine included with Issue #21, the Enterprise E, includes the ship’s registry number, class, launch date, length and number of decks, top speed, and weapons.  The magazine also has fairly well-written articles about how the ship came to be, how the ship was used, and how it fit into the Star Trek timeline.  There are many great pictures of the ship in action and the creative process that led to each ship’s design is discussed in detail.  The middle section of the magazine also includes important facts and components of the ship’s layout.  The magazine with ship #29, the Jem’Hadar fighter, also includes a neat article about the Jem’Hadar and how they came to be part of Star Trek.  This kind of article is included with all ships with new races.  My only complaint is that the magazines have a few grammatical errors or other stylistic issues, but, if you’re willing to overlook them, these are really not major issues.

My only complaint, as far as the ships themselves, are the stands that are included with each ship.  While these stands hold the ship up for display and add to the overall presentation, the brackets are not made of the highest quality material and are not very substantial.  In fact, they are just plastic.  I have also had issues with the brackets seeming to be the wrong size for the ship.  Such as for the Enterprise NX-01 refit, the ship keeps falling out of the bracket.  I have this issue with a few of the other ships as well.

All in all, the Eaglemoss Star Trek ships, at least the smaller ones, are I believe an excellent value, as the ships themselves, are very well-constructed, are awesome to look at, and are extremely screen accurate.  The only complaints I have are minor, and I don’t think they detract from the overall very high quality of the ships.  If you are a Star Trek fan and like to collect such things, these ships are great things to add to your memorabilia collection.