From the Hole

STOXmasA quick look at the calendar will tell you that the end is near. Not the end of the world but rather the end of 2012 and with it come the holidays. Regardless of your beliefs be it Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. I wish you all the best this season.

Even the Klingons have a holiday this time of year “The Day of Honor”. It is a day to reflect on past honors earned for your House be they from the past year or many years ago. This year saw many honors earned in the name of the USS Tiburon. There were several awards that were received at various levels of Starfleet and the Starfleet Marine Corps. Several members (myself included) received well earned promotions. Money, stuffed animals, and a fair amount of food was raised for various charities. More friends joined our group at various conventions and movie outings. Ties with other sci-fi groups in the area were established and in some cases even strengthened. Echoes in Space (you could think of it as our new Karaoke department) made its debut at Mile Hi Con. More fun was had than a human being should be allowed to have – fortunately, for the overwhelming majority of our group, we’re not human :). We were even there for the launch of a new Starfleet Chapter in Colorado Springs the USS Zebulon Pike. Yes, a good amount of honor was earned by House USS Tiburon (ok so we’re not an actual Klingon House but you get the point).

Looking forward to future honors for 2013. We’re less than a month and a half away from Galaxy Fest and a full weekend with the Zebulon Pike and a large volume of Echoes in Space activity in early February. Late April has us at Starfest, June promises Denver Comic Con, August has the Starfleet International Conference and October (which is far closer than it appears) has more Mile Hi Con fun. There are also two major sets for photo ops that are in the works (finances and real life permitting final planning and construction). We’ll fill in the empty weeks with Role Playing, BBQ’s, hikes, and ideas for even more fun stuff than we can actually fit on the calendar. Whew I’m already exhausted and January 1, 2013 is still a little over a week away.

Be sure to stay tuned to this USS Tiburon hailing frequency for anything you might want to come out and enjoy with us.

To you and yours “Happy Honor Day”!

The Second Officer