January Crew Member of the Month – BDR. Douglas Davenport

DougDouglas Davenport has been a member of STARFLEET the International STAR TREK Fan Association Inc., off and on for almost 20 years.  Doug came to STARFLEET while living in California and quickly became involved.  When he moved out here to Colorado he continued his involvement with STARFLEET with the local chapters.  Then the long standing chapter that he was part of decided to change directions and leave STARFLEET, as the CO of the USS Tiburon I decided to reach out and offered him a chance to come and hang out with the USS Tiburon.

Since that offer, 3 years ago, Doug has become a valuable member of the Tiburon. He can always be depended on to lend a hand in any way he can and he has been a great influence on the future direction of the Tiburon.  He currently serves as the Tiburon’s Second Officer and Officer In Charge of the 888th Tigersharks Marine Strike Group.  Every member of the Tiburon is proud to call Doug a friend and fellow member.

Thank you, Doug, for your friendship and service to the USS Tiburon and our community.