STARFLEET Region 17’s Promo Display is unvieled

r17displayRegion 17 is proud to premiere it’s STARFLEET Region 17 promotional display at Starfest 2014.  Pictured here is the 8′ x 10′ custom printed display backdrop. The backdrop displays a large STARFLEET and Region 17 logo as well as large out line of the states making up Region 17.  In order to make the display versatile a set of 3″ combadge cut outs were created that are attached to the display map to show generally where the chapters are located.

Also, in order to represent all of the chapters of Region 17 the first annual Region 17 Chapter trading card set was created. Each chapter had a card created for it with the front side of the card depicting an image of the class of vessel. The back side had contact information found on STARFLEET’s Chapter locator page.r17tradingcards

The display garnered a lot of attention at Starfest from people interested in the organization from all over the Region. Cards for every chapter were handed out during the day the display was in use. Members from 5 different chapters took some time to man the table.

A big thank you to the USS Tiburon for allowing the Region to use it’s backdrop frame. USS Tiburon member Christina Sievers for all her design work on the backdrop and the 9 trading card displays.