So . . . exactly what does the crew of the USS Tiburon do?

championship-F4DAFor those of you wondering about what exactly the crew of the USS Tiburon does when we’re not walking around in costume at Denver Comic Con or at the Colorado Springs Sky Sox games the events of this weekend and this coming weekend will give you a pretty good idea.

On Saturday August 23 we gathered at Tiburon Headquarters and gathered around the TV to watch the MLL (major league lacrosse) Championship game between the Denver Outlaws and the Rochester Ratlers. In a hard fought battle the Outlaws prevailed and brought Denver its first MLL Championship. This was then followed by the crew watching the Denver Bronco’s pre-season game, viewing of the previews for the, hopefully to be produced direct to DVD/Blue-Ray, Star Trek: Axenar, and the season premier of Dr Who.

Sunday August 24 found us gathering at Cherry Creek State Park for beach day. Members were caught chatting, eating, and spending large periods of time swimming. A poofball football (basically a generic Nerf) was also seeing being thrown about.

As for what’s coming up . . . Sunday August 31 we’ll be meeting up at Headquarters before we head out to Roxborough State Park for a nature walk and, possibly, light hike. After that . . . who knows – game day? bbq? bowling? hang out and chat late into the night? go our own ways and meet up with other friends? With the USS Tiburon you never can tell.

And that’s part of what I like about this group. Well that and the fact that anyone can come to any event they like whenever they like. Members also tend to pick and choose what events they want to participate in. For all you newbies and old timers (like me) that are reading this if you don’t like or can’t for some reason make an event but want to hang out with us afterward all ya gotta do is let us know and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. Being a member DOESN’T mean that you have to show up for everything (there are things that I won’t do and I’ve been with this group for 4 years and am still welcome).

We’ve also been seen at Celtic Festivals, the Dragon Boat races, bowling, the Renaissance Faire and several other non-convention locations. We’re also ALWAYS on the lookout for new and fun things to do. We never watched lacross until one day this year we were offered some tickets to a game – now several of us are hooked.

Keep a look out for future notices through Open Waters for dates, times, and meet up locations for upcoming events.

Hope to see YOU (yes, you the person reading this, seriously) at an upcoming event.


The First Officer