Out of this World Miracles


Sat Sept 20th, the crew of the U.S.S. Tiburon will be taking part in the Miracle Party Foundation’s 7th Annual Miracle Party. Our mission is to provide children fighting cancer, their families, friends, and communities with a celebration they will remember forever: a night to forget cancer. This is a party for children with cancer and angel families thrown once a year. We believe that everyone needs one night to forget the negatives, struggles and pain from our journeys, and come together to celebrate our children no matter where we are in our journey.

As a child, our Chief Operations Officer Lee Montgomery, was diagnosed with a cancerous pediatric brain tumor. Now a 31 year survivor, this is an event that he and the crew is proud to be a part of.  Some of the crew will be attending in character and as species from the Star Trek universe, and will be running the Klingon Bop. Everyone who is available to attend in costume and interact with the children is welcome! It is all about letting them live life for a few hours and forget about the difficulties they still face.