Review – Star Trek Starship Collection – Andorian Battle Cruiser

Howdy Folks, Tiburon CO Bran Stimpson here, and for this report I am going to review the Andorian Battle Cruiser Kumari from the Eaglemoss Star Trek Starship Collection.

Kumari1The Andorian Battle Cruiser is the 37th issue in the collection. I happen to find a few months back not one, but two comic book stores in the area that sell these bad boys.  For those that might not know, somewhere around year or so ago Eaglemoss started this Star Trek Starship Collection. You register for the collection and they send you two ships a month. Sort of like the old Franklin Mint days.

Now these ships are pretty impressive. They are constructed out of both plastic and metal components, meaning that some parts are metal and others are plastic. Each ship comes with a Kumari 4display stand specifically designed for that issue. Not only that, but each ship also comes with its own highly in-depth magazine about the ship. Now, on to the Andorian Battle Cruiser!

So you might be asking yourself why I would start with issue 37 and not the first one or the most recent, which I believe is 39. Well, this one is a little bit special to me because in Star Trek Online this is the ship I use.  So, I was very interested in seeing how close it was to not only the version seen in Enterprise but also the version I use in Star Trek Online. Well I can say that I am impressed on both fronts.

Kumari3This is a highly detailed model of the Andorian Battle Cruiser. You can see the detail in the paint, which very much matches the on screen version, and also details things like the cargo hatch doors, particle cannon and the tractor beam emitter.  It is easy to see all the fine details when you hold the model in your hand. From the windows, to the Engine pods, to the weapons array, there is not much detail left out.

In the magazine is an article about the designing of the Andorian Battle Cruiser from John Evans. There are even sketches of the other ideas for the ship that he had.  Also, the magazine has an in-depth article on the Andorians themselves.Kumari2

Key appearances of the Andorian Battle Cruiser were in two episodes of Enterprise,  “Proving Ground” and “Kir’Shara”

Overall I would give the Andorian Battle Cruiser from Eaglemoss an 8 out 10 for cool Star Trek Geek Factor. Check out the pictures, and decide for yourself.