Book Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation Armageddon’s Arrow

51qKDkIWd-L._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_After the events of the Takedown incident, the USS Enterprise E undertakes a new mission: a mission of exploration, the principal that Starfleet was founded on. They are dispatched to a sector of relatively unknown space, only charted by probes. There, the Enterprise comes across a massive floating ship. Thought to be a sleeper ship, it is in reality a doomsday weapon of mass destruction, a weapon sent from the future to end a conflict that has ravaged the system for generations. Picard now must mediate claims from the two warring races, putting the Enterprise and her crew in the middle of the ancient conflict.

This book reminded me of why I love the Next Generation, and this story could have easily been an episode from the television series. After the movie Nemesis, the authors introduced new characters and new life into the continuing adventures of the Next Generation crew. I enjoyed seeing more of these new characters in action. I found the story very relatable and it made me wonder how I would handle myself if thrust into this situation. The thrill of being an explorer, seeking new life and civilizations, exploring an unknown region of space to discover a ship displaced in time. Its sole purpose to destroy worlds caught in a war.

It took me a bit longer to read this novel than usual due to some disruptions in my normal reading pattern. However, I would still highly recommend this novel if you are a follower of the Next Gen series as well as any of Dayton Ward’s other Trek novels.

Rating 9/10