Ranked Reading for October

Foul_Deeds_Will_Rise_coverGreetings gentle readers, for another edition of Ranked Reading.

This month’s book is “Star Trek: TOS: Foul Deeds Will Rise” by Greg Cox. The crew of the USS Enterprise A is joined by former Lieutenant, now ambassador, Kevin Riley, on a diplomatic mission to a remote solar system that has been at war for years. Planets Pavak and Oyolo have staged attack and counter attack for some time. With the Enterprise sitting in a neutral area between the warring planets, Mr. Scott and Spock take a shuttle to Pavak to oversee the destruction of interplanetary missiles armed with protomater (think the Genesis Device from Star Trek II) warheads. Meanwhile, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy take a shuttle to Oyolo to deliver medical supplies. While on Oyolo, Kirk and McCoy are treated to a production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” which is put on by the volunteers of a planetary relief group. However, the duo is shocked to find Lenore Karidian (daughter of Kodos the Executioner) playing the lead role in the play. After the performance, Kirk approaches Lenore backstage, and after some pleasant conversation, invites her aboard the Enterprise to be his guest at a pre-negotiation gathering which she grudgingly accepts. We skip forward to after the party and find that two murders have ocurred onboard. You can see where these negotions are headed. Worse yet, on Pavak, Spock, during a review of scans made during a review of the destruction of one of the missiles, finds that one of the missiles that was destroyed was a fake and that a protomater warhead is now unaccounted for. Fingers are being pointed in every direction. Everything does come out in true TOS fashion though. If you want the twists and turns you’re going to need to read this book. All in all a good read. My Rank: Captain

Until next time, the ship’s reading lamp is definitely . . . ON!