We’re Still Here

Tiburon Hailing Frequencies Open

Happy 2016 everyone!

We’re still here, as if there was any doubt. Our first big event of the year is going to be a trip to the National Western Stock show on Saturday January 23. Anyone that’s interested in going should contact Jennie (the Chief Science Officer) so that she can get a count of everyone that’s planning on going!

In other news, real life continues to grip the Command Staff now, even tighter than before. A date, time and place for our first meeting of the year has yet to be scheduled. We are hopeful that something can be arranged in the not too distant future but finances and scheduling conflicts abound. In hiking news we’ve had to scale back the goal for this year. Due to circumstances beyond our control the goal has been changed from Flat Top Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park to Carpenter’s Peak in Roxborough State Park.

Please continue to stay tuned to this Tiburon frequency for additional updates as they are made available.

First Officer out.