Spring has Sprung

cat flower #2

Good morning, this is Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag, reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon currently in orbit around Earth.

If you hadn’t noticed, I have been tardy in making my monthly report from the science lab. My Tribbles have been acting up and I am just now getting the little buggers back under control. Guess I shouldn’t have been experimenting on a new food source for developing planets in the same lab! The Tribbles got into the grain and went to town, luckily I was able to control them before the Captain even knew anything about it.

Well enough about the Tribbles, I know that its spring on Earth, and it seems like a case of spring fever is going around. Everyone wants to be outside and not confined in the house. Of course, we can’t forget out four legged friends either, they need to get out and explore too.

If you decide to let your pet out and explore, especially if you have a small furry one, like the one pictured above, be sure you prepare them well. Make sure they have all the proper identification like tags and a collar with current information, in case they get lost and are microchipped. Even if they have tags, a microchip is the best chance for seeing your pet returned if lost. If you let them out of their own house, make sure that they are current on all their shots and up to date with a medical exam.

I wouldn’t recommend letting cats out on their own, you never who or what they might meet on their travels. Larger animals like coyotes, dogs and even other cats pose a real danger.  I would recommend taking them out on a leash and harness if they will cooperate, some do willingly, and some, not so much.

cat harnesscat harness #2





Well, I better get back to my tribbles, I can hear them causing mischief. I will see you next in the Tiburon chronicles,  Chief Science Officer, Jennifer Sontag, signing off.