Rocky Horror – Steam Punk Fusion

FB_IMG_1459305301723Esquire Theater goers were taken on a journey into “Pure Imagination” Saturday March 26th, as Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient preformed their Second Annual Steam Punk Show. Denver’s Rocky Horror Picture Show’s shadow cast created a sense of wonder and spectacle with a mixture of Victorian period attire, science fiction inspired inventions, humor and environment that makes up The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Audience was treated to a musical pre-show rendition of “Pure imagination” from Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory, featuring a Victorian clad Frank N Footer as he made his way through out the theater to cast members dressed in period attire which he activated as if winding up a toy. The show then continued playing the film as performers acted out the movie in front of the screen in their themed attire. The cast’s FB_IMG_1459305554849technical director made special modifications to props and scenery with simulated steam powered effects and moving parts to compliment the created illusion. The cast’s resident Doctor Scott, emerged onto the scene in an altered version of his signature wheel chair, complete with smoking steam pipes, and train axial wheel covers. Despite the harsh weather conditions, the attendance was greater than expected and many members of the audience were clad in costumes of their own. It was a fantastic night and everyone was were captivated in the magic that is Rocky Horror.