Time for Round Two

Happy April crew members,

Do you remember the Shuttle Bay Sale that we held last year? Well, its almost time for round two with this year’s sale! We’ll be selling stuff at the new HQ beginning at 8am on Saturday April 29 and again on Sunday April 30. Last year’s sale helped us to pay for the trailer used to take the Alcove to Fort Colins Comic Con and most of the supplies used for the lunch we provided to Ronald McDonald House last year. If you have something you want to sell be sure to bring it by on April 29 (we currently don’t have space for early donations). Please remember that items that don’t sell are yours to take home and do with as you please. (Note: We made a significant donation to ARC last year with our left over items but we most likely won’t be able to do it again this year due to time and space constraints.)

In service to the crew and the fleet.

The XO