Ranked Reading January 2018

Greetings crew, and welcome to the first edition of Ranked Reading for 2018. Just remember, the higher the rank that I give a book the more it “commanded my attention.”

First up is “The Autobiography of James T. Kirk” edited by David A Goodman. Did you ever want insights into the thoughts of one of Starfleet’s greatest captains? Well, this book provides quite a few. From his youth on Earth to his interactions with Ben Finney (whom he was accused and acquitted of murdering) to his relationships with a couple of the more notable women in his life, this book hits on some of the highlights of Kirk’s career. It also fills in some of the blanks between the end of “The Original Series” and the events of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” as well as a quick note just before the launch of Enterprise 1701-B. A reference to “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” is also made – I enjoyed the good captain’s take on that. For me, this was a smooth read that provided fictional insight into this legendary Starfleet officer’s career. My rank: Captain

Also this month “Star Trek: The Klingon Empire” by Hidden Universe Travel Guides. Have you ever wanted to visit the Klingon Empire but couldn’t find the reason to go? This book gives you the highlights so you too can be inspired to enter territory once off limits to all but the heartiest of travelers. Insights on what to expect, high points on various places to check out and even a few side trips can be found inside. Not to worry, the Empire’s stance on off-worlders has softened just a bit so don’t worry about having to stomach a plate of live gagh – unless you are truly adventurous. This book was written in the tone of a book intended to encourage tourism and does a very good job of that. It also provides a touch of background as to the history of the Klingon Empire – it’s not all about Khaless, Kang, Kor, and Koloth. An interesting read if you’re looking to add a touch of color to this less explored part of the Star Trek universe. My rank: Commander

That’s it for this month from the First Officer.

Until next time, the ship’s reading lamp is definitely . . . ON!