Open Waters Weekly – 03/13/13


USS Tiburon Open Waters Weekly – 03/13/13
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Riker Makes the Sale

Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes served as Boole & Babbage, Inc’s pitch man for the campaign on its first client/server software in 1990. Boole & Babbage was able to purchase a two-year license to use Star Trek imagery from Paramount Pictures for a mere $75,000 a year. Here is that pitch.

03/16/13 1300HRS – Tiburon Roleplaying @ XO’s House

03/23/13 1300HRS – The Tiburon Gets Science-y @ Denver Museum of Nature and Science

03/24/13 1300HRS – Command Staff Meeting @ Tiburon HQ
03/24/13 1500HRS – Membership Processing @ Tiburon HQ

03/30/13 1300HRS – Outdoor Day @ TBD

04/06/13 1300HRS – Game Day @ Tiburon HQ

04/07/13 1300HRS – Command Staff Meeting @ Tiburon HQ
04/07/13 1500HRS – Membership Processing @ Tiburon HQ

04/13/13 1300HRS – Tiburon Roleplaying @ XO’s House

Long Range events to mark on your calendar:

04/19/13 – 17th BDE Dinner & Echoes in Space Karaoke @ STARFEST

04/25/13 – Best of Both Worlds on the Big Screen @ TBD

05/31/13 – 06/02/13 – USS Tiburon Fan Table @ Denver Comic Con

08/24/13 – Skyfest with the Sky Sox @ Security Service Field in Colorado Springs

Spiffy New Enterprise E Model

Video presentation of the new Diamond Select USS Enterprise-E available now.

Inspired by Star Trek

Whoopi Goldberg hugs an autistic man after he has told her how her role in Star Trek changed his social life.

New Star Trek HeroClix Board Game

Star Trek: Attack Wing will feature collectible pre-painted Star Trek ships and the FlightPathâ„¢ maneuver system licensed from Fantasy Flight Games.

Splatter Factor

This is how we treat the COMMANDER STARFLEET!

Photos from the Ronald McDonald House Brunch
From the Tiburon Website
Book Review Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cold Equations: The Body Electric: Book Three
Deep within the center of the Galaxy, full-fledged Traveler, Wesley Crusher makes a terrifying discovery. A terrorizing behemoth the size of a planet with unknown purpose has been lobbing complete star systems through an ever expanding generated singularity.

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