Tiburon role playing Episode 1 Thumbtacks Snyopsis



Episode 1: Thumbtacks


 The USS Tiburon is sent on a diplomatic mission to escort a Trill Ambassador to Benzar to negotiate a peaceful transfer of control of the planet from the Romulans. While there a Benzite and Romulan Ambassador are assassinated igniting a fire fight between Romulan and Federation forces in orbit around the planet. The Tiburon is ordered to safely get the Trill Ambassador from the area, meet with a Trill task force to transfer the ambassador. At the rendezvous the Tiburon is suddenly attacked by Trill Warships and during the engagement the ambassador is killed. Somehow the Trill Ambassador is connected to the assassination on Benzar and now the Tiburon has been implicated as conspirators. The Tiburon is now on the run from both Starfleet Command and the Romulan Star Empire.