From the Hole

FishingOk, it feels like I’ve passed through a time hole (jumping through time but not changing place as a worm hole would do). The past month is just a giant blur and things have slowed down just in time for SHORE LEAVE! (Or a week’s vacation if you will.)

Now every Starfleet Marine has their favorite haunts where they like to spend their time off. For some its a local watering hole (read bar), for others its a hole with water (read fishing hole). For me a resting hole in a rock suits me just fine. Sometimes I can even be found in a hole in the wall restaurant. Some of the SFMC’ers that I know will travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to get away from it all. More often than not, for me its the place just a few miles away where I can just forget about SFMC life for a little while and just be that forgetable face in the crowd – maybe even at Opening Day of the baseball season which starts next week.

Why not travel to exotic locals you ask? Well to be quite honest, while being a Brigadier in the SFMC does have some advantages big bucks on the payscale isn’t one of them. (You want a decent travel budget? Honestly, only the Commander Starfleet has one of those and that position’s kinda hard to get.) As a result most of the time those exotic locations that we go to are usually under some kind of seige – its kind of hard to enjoy the sunset when you’re exchanging phaser fire with Jem Hadar soldiers. When I do have the funds to travel its unsually with some purpose in mind (see old friends, take care of business with family members, etc) and normally involves more work than play. I’m just happy that there are plenty of places not to far from my home hole that let me have a respite from it all.

Well, it’s time to put up the sign above “The Hole” for this month. . . Gone Fishing! (See you next month.)