This is Chief science officer reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon with the monthly report.

We have entered into my favorite time of the year. Yes, you have guessed it:

Halloween is back!!!

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year because I have always liked reading about all the ghosts and goblins from around the world. And this time of the year the veil is even thinner between us and them. You can see all the evidence of the past coming to visit the present, all you have to is look in the many haunted locations around the country. They can be found in tall high rises, deserted farms on spooky country roads and in many places you wouldn’t think hauntings could exist. They can even include mobile homes, hotels, corn mazes, and even in your local ordinary house.

Some of my favorite stories come from my home state of Colorado.  Colorado has some of the best known haunted places in the country. They range from a haunted hotel in the mountains where one of the most well known horror stories was written to a town that has hauntings from the wild west. Some ghost stories orginated from the stories handed down from the original settlers of the west to the modern day. Colorado has had a history of violence and as anyone that has studied the paranormal, violence is always good for ghosts and haunted places.

stanley hotelThe hotel in question is the Stanley Hotel in Estes park, Colorado. The hotel has a history of being haunted almost since it was constructed. It was in room 217 that Stephen King wrote his novel THE SHINING.  The fourth floor seems to the most haunted off the floors.It has reported that patrons staying on the floor have reported that they hear kids running up and down the hall was when no kids where registered in the hotel. The ballroom of the Stanley is reported to be haunted by Flora Stanely, the wife of the former owner. She comes down to play the piano that was once her piano. If you get the courage to stay at the Stanely hotel, take the ghost tour and say hello to jack.


LeadvilleHarrisonAvenueLeadville Colorado has some of  best locations for ghost hunting in all of Colorado. It’s where back in the 1890’s H.A.W. Tabor left his wife to marry a another women called Baby Doe. He left everything to here when she died even a mine. He told her to keep the mine what ever she did. After she pasted away, the locals said you could even heat her walking around the old shack that was attached to the mine. The local opera house is also haunted by the former owner. If you get a chance to travel up to Leadville, you should take the tour of the Silver kings which takes you up in the mountains surrounding the town andyou get to see where much of the silver came from and if your lucky you may get to see a former employee working there, still trying to find his fortune.

Well, that should wet you whistle to explore the wonders any mysteries of COlorado, just get out there and enjoy. Just be sure, when you bed down for the night, you check under bed, secure the window and don’t think about the shadows in the corner

See you next month…