Echoes In Space Karaoke @ MileHiCon 45

Echos From Space 4x8 Banner

The USS Tiburon is proud to once again bring Echoes In Space Karaoke to MileHiCon 45!


Last year was our debut session and this year. Folks that attended our event had tons of fun and have even come out to sign with us at some of other events!

So make sure you come to find us at MileHiCon 45 Friday Night October 18th at 9 pm in the Wind River A & B room. promises to even be better with a larger all digital music library, better sound equipP1050257ment and even more fun!

For more information about Echoes In Space Karaoke and why so many people have fun doing Karaoke check out our Echoes In Space page by clicking the link in the menu bar above!