USS Tiburon General Meeting 1:30 pm Saturday January 25th

The USS Tiburon is proud to announce the return of general meetings.  What is a general meeting you ask?  Well simply put it’s a meeting where members, friends and invited guests can come together and discuss Tiburon activities, events and socialize.  There maybe game playing or whatever else we might want to do.

For this January meeting we are trying out a new location for these meetings.  We have arranged to hold the meeting in the community room at Aurora Fire Station #2 located on Hoffman Blvd. Specific address is 12600 Hoffman Blvd 80011 (on Hoffman East of Del Mar).

There is a parking lot on the Southwest side of the Fire Station that we are to use and has access to the community room.  Below is a image showing where to park.

Sta 2 Comm Room map









If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form under the Comms menu.