New Community Service Project

coupons-2The USS Tiburon is joining fellow STARFLEET chapter the USS Pioneer in collecting manufacturer coupons for military families overseas through the Overseas Coupon Project.

OCP, Overseas Coupon project, is a way to help the family members of our military overseas. Coupons are clipped, sorted and then sent to military bases overseas. If you take a moment to notice the price of groceries here at your local store imagine for a moment the price of groceries at an overseas military base.

Here is what the Tiburon is doing. We will collect manufacturer coupons from any source you can think of. They can come in the paper, online or even in stores. Once collected the coupons will be clipped and sorted into two piles, food and non-food. Then they will be talleyed and combined with those from the USS Pioneer and sent off to a military base to help those families.

Want to help? All you need to do if bring those coupons to a USS Tiburon meeting. Unable to clip them, No Problem we have plenty of clipping volunteers ready to help.

At the USS Tiburon Anniversary party in July there will be a prize for the person who collected the most coupons.