A quick note from the First Officer

fococomicconlogoI would like to extend my thanks to the folks that put on, attended, and worked Fort Collins’ Comic Con. The USS Tiburon’s area was just inside the front doors – meaning that just about everyone had to pass by us at some point, whether it was to go to the dealers room, attend a panel, or leave for lunch or the day. We made a number of new friends up there so, hopefully, we can look at organizing something up there in the future. (A shuttle or new ship? Or maybe just some more time for us folks down south in Denver to come up and play?) Star Trek Fandom is definitely alive and well in Fort Collins.

Though dwarfed by Denver Comic Con the Fort Collins event was run very well. It was also sold out not once but twice (after additional tickets were released) and reports have it that roughly 1000 people were turned away for this one day event!

A special shout out goes to a husband and wife couple that drove for TEN HOURS all the way from South Dakota to attend this event! My apologies for not remembering your names, but the USS Tiburon was honored to have been your first stop once you made it inside. It was an honor and a pleasure speaking with you both!

Additional thanks go out to Fort Collins’ 501st Storm Trooper Legion. Before departing for the day they offered the proverbial olive branch of peace between Star Wars and Star Trek fandom to us in the form of a box of donuts. They were much appreciated!

Those of us that worked it agreed that, while it was a very long day, we will gladly come back and do it all over again next year.

Thanks for everything Ft. Collins Comic Con. We’ll see you again next year!

The First Officer