Mile High Sci-Fi vs The Last Starfighter

12122882_745542935576327_4457811177977078870_nAs an avid fan of movies, new or old, good or bad, one of my favorite activities while watching is to talk back to the screen. In the tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mile High Sci-Fi brings their own comedy styling to retro and classic Sci-Fi films.

Recently the classic, yet cheesy The Last Starfighter, became their latest target. Back on the 19 of November some of the crew and I attended the showing at The Alamo Draft House. The Alamo Draft House takes part in the new trend of offering a full menu and full service bar to enhance your movie viewing experience, combining the idea of diner and a movie into one location.

We arrived, thinking that we were just going to be seeing a 1980 sci-fi gem, unprepared for what actually occurred. Making our way to our seats, we ordered our drinks, appetizer and entrées and began watching the odd but unique pre show videos. As the videos ended, our attention was drawn to the stage where our two hosts began their routine.

It turned out that it was Mile Hi Sci-Fi’s anniversary and they were celebrating with us and even brought cake. Calling people up to join them for a game, I was drafted by my party to represent us. The challenge was to name 1980’s free standing arcade games, going along with the theme of the film. Once the game finished, they began the movie and their act, trying to make jokes about the movie throughout the movie. Most of their jokes were bad, mostly because of their over watching the film and not learning to let things go. Case in point, their constant blaring of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama whenever the cowboy, pick-up-truck-driving bully came on screen.

I honestly enjoyed myself, though more in making my own jokes and quips with my party then I did listening to our hosts.