Happy 20th Anniversary USS Pioneer NCC 5280-D!

20151128_130816 20151128_133123 20151128_145713 20151128_152730On Saturday November 28 a small team from the USS Tiburon departed on board shuttle Shark Bait One and set course to rendezvous with the USS Pioneer at the Warp 20 Cafe and Casino. Chief of Sciences Sontag, Chief of Operations Montgomery, crewman Kat and First Officer Davenport made initial contact with the Pioneer’s Captain, Debby Horst, and assisted in bringing necessary supplies on board as well as provided assistance to the Pioneer’s crew as they endeavored to set up the event. The overall purpose of our mission was to help the USS Pioneer celebrate 20 years in service to Starfleet. Considering that the USS Tiburon celebrated 10 years in service during this year the Pioneer is a grand old lady of the fleet.

The Tiburon crew members were invited to take part in the Pioneer’s monthly staff meeting. During that meeting, members of both crews were invited to share their memories of their first encounter with the Pioneer. Most found them at conventions or through promotional items that had been left behind at various events. Some found out about them through various meet up groups. Others were just outright drafted during casual conversations and friendships and relationships. (As for myself, I was actually a member of their crew some 15 years ago for a period of 2 to 3 years before moving on.)

After the meeting, USS Tiburon crew members mingled with the assembled USS Pioneer crew. Friendships were made and/or renewed, food and drink was shared, and general chit-chat took place. Unfortunately, due to responsibilities back on our own ship we had to cut our visit short and depart before the party went into full swing.

Here’s a toast to the past, present, and future cast and crew of the USS Pioneer on completing her FOURTH five year mission in service to the Fleet, and wishing them safe travels as they begin their fifth.

Fleet Captain Davenport
First Officer USS Tiburon