Happy Holiday’s from the crew of the USS Tiburon

free_vector_christmas_typography_on_star_pattern_background [Converted]-01Well, its that time of year again. I hope everyone was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends. Next up is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, the Klingon Day of Honor, New Year’s and many others. For me, this has always been a time to be with family and friends (and friends who feel like or actually have become family). It’s time to pause and reflect on how the year went, and take a quick look ahead before getting into the craziness that comes with the first of the year.

For the Tiburon, the Command Staff started off running and is working on updating our group’s constitution and standing orders so that we can eventually consider independence from any national organization. Unfortunately, work on this project stalled earlier, but it is on our priority list going into next year.

Up next was design and construction of the unique center piece of our booth display, the Borg Regeneration Alcove. The Alcove made its debut at Denver Comic Con (DCC), where it was a smash hit and also made an appearance at the first ever Fort Collins Comic Con (FoCo Con). There is talk of designing and building a captain’s chair in 2016, so keep an eye out for that as we get into the next cycle.

Speaking of conventions, at DCC we promoted the upcoming film “Axanar”, showed off our new bling, but didn’t get the pass by traffic that we’ve had in years past, as we were located in a slightly remote location. For the four days of the convention, we were either incredibly busy or unimaginally bored. As for FoCo Con all of our hard work was on display for the attendees to see, as we were just inside the front doors of the con. If they didn’t see us when they walked in, they certainly couldn’t miss us on their way out, during this one day, 12 hour convention. (For the crew in attendance it was roughly 18 – 20 hours of work considering all of the things involved.) We also participated in a small library convention.

And then… the warp nacells fell off. Medical problems, job changes, scheduling conflicts, and real life in general have brought the Tiburon to dead stop. At the time of this writing, some of the problems have been worked out while many more will take a fair amount of time in order to put them behind us enough that their impact will be minimal. However, there is a flicker of light on the horizon – its just going to take time as we move there at one eighth impulse speed.

Once we get to that flicker of light, look for some interesting nature walks and hikes as we set our sights on Flat Top Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park for sometime in August or September. We will return to DCC and FoCo Con. As always, expect the unexpected with this group. Also, as I say every year, if you have any ideas for fun events or community service work PLEASE contact the command staff and / or bring it up at a meeting – we WILL be getting back on the monthly meeting track sooner rather than later.

And finally . . . Happy / Merry <insert the holiday of your choice here>. Please be safe out there, as this is also the time that the wackos come out of their annual transporter hybernation.

First Officer Davenport