February Friday Night Social After Action Report

This past Friday was the Tiburon’s first Friday Night Social, and it was a great time.  Nine people were able to attend and enjoy the great food from 3 Guys Pizza!IMG_0220

The workers at 3 Guys Pizza get a great big thank you from the USS Tiburon. We all ordered and showed up and pretty much ordered at the same time, while they were taking their normal Friday night orders. Even though there was a few small issues and delays they made sure that we got what we ordered and were happy with the food.

For our first Friday Night Social I sincerely want to thank everyone that was able to make it for the event and those that were interested but could not make it we missed you.

IMG_0221After getting our orders in and covering basic introductions, we talked about upcoming events for the Tiburon and ideas for some new things for 2016 including these Friday Night Socials, the Tiburon Chronicles and an idea for increased activity.

So, after the success of this event we are planning to do more each month. Keep an eye out for a Friday Night Social each month on the second Friday, with the exception of March as it conflicts with Starfest. Our April Friday Night Social is slated to be at the Hickory House in Parker on Friday, April 8th.

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