From the Bridge April 2016

Hey folks,

Hope this post finds all of you doing well out there in Trek land. Each month I plan to write a blog about what is going on with the Tiburon. We are a pretty busy group and are always looking to meet new Trek fans, no matter which Trek you like!

This month is pretty exciting actually with two firsts for the Tiburon!

ar136243216171016On April 8th at 7 PM the Tiburon is holding it’s monthly Friday Night Social at the Hickory House in Parker. You can think of this as our version as a meet and greet or just time to meet us and hang out with some good food. If you are able to attend please check out our Facebook event HERE or email us at


372B9B01-E4D3-488C-BD1E-13CAFCD9AC15.12054752_stdFor the first time ever the USS Tiburon is holding a Shuttlebay Sale! OK, for those muggels out there (Sorry Mr. Potter) that is a Yard Sale. All proceeds from the Yard Sale help support the Tiburon! So, if you are looking for anything, please make sure to check out our Yard Sale on Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th.


BSF-1Here’s our next first for the month. The USS Tiburon is proud to be part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver’s Black Sheep Friday STARSHIP VOYEUR night on April 15th! The Tiburon will be there in FULL force with props, characters, activities you name it! Entrance is free to museum members and $5.00 after 5PM that night.


Meeting HeaderFinally we come to our monthly meeting on Saturday April 16th from 1:30 PM until about 4:00 PM. The meeting is held at the Aurora Fire Station #2 Community Room on Hoffman Blvd. If you are interested in what the Tiburon is going to do, has done or is even thinking of doing please try and make the meeting.


258sTentatively on Saturday April 23rd the USS Tiburon will go into battle simulations against the USS Pioneer for the rights to call ourselves Bowling Champions! At the Brunswick Zone in Westminster the two groups will engage in safe battle for that right.


Well as you can see the Tiburon has a pretty busy and important month ahead of us. If you are a member and want to help us out please feel free to reach out to us, and if you are not a member [what is wrong with you 😉 ] and want to come and see us, or join us, also feel free to reach out to us.

Bridge Out!