A quick note from the XO

Good day ladies and gents,

On behalf of those of us on the Command Staff apologize for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with the repercussions of a couple of loses in the Tiburon family.  Additionally, headquarters will also be shifting locations in the very near future.

In other news, the Command Staff recently addressed changes to the group’s By Laws and General Orders. We currently anticipate that these will be released and implemented with the general membership in July or August of this year. Please stay tuned to this Tiburon frequency for updates.

Additionally, we have been hired to appear in costume along with our Borg Alcove at a wedding in May. The Captain has selected members of the crew for the away team and those members have been notified. All others (such as myself) will remain at their regular duty posts.

The April Friday Night Social location will be announced at the meeting on Saturday. And speaking of Saturday we’ll be doing some Highline Canal trail clean up on Saturday at 8am.

Again, we apologize for the interruptions that real life has imposed upon us they were truly unexpected. We hope to resume normal operations in the near future.


The XO