Hot Dogs!

Good Afternoon, this is Chief Science Officier Jennifer Sontag reporting from deep down in the bowels of the USS Tiburon.  I know I haven’t been posting for quite some time and I do apologize but the tribbles have been giving me nothing but trouble, and I just now got them under control.

I have been observing through the video viewer a trend in the humans that are living on earth.  They take their dogs everywhere they go, not knowing that in the summer months it can get very very hot for the poor dogs that are staying in the car, even with the windows down.  They seem to think that even if they put the car in the shade that will help with the temperature, but it doesn’t really help and even opening the window only lets in a minimal breeze for the dog trapped inside.

So my advice is to leave the dog at home while you do your errands and if the dog is distructive at home by themselves there are a few opitions for you.

  1. Take the dog to a doggie daycare center like Digstown or Petsmart.
  2. Have a sitter come in watch the dog.
  3. Train your dog to rest in a kennel.

Your dog will appreciate you even more, and you won’t have to worry about someone breaking into your car to save his or her life.  Many states have passed laws that state as long as the person rescuing dog has probable cause and documentation they can legally break your window to save the dog.

So please just leave the pets at home for the summer.


Chief Science Officier Jennifer Sontag, USS TIburon