Party! 14th Anniversary Party that is.

This is LCDR Dan Parker, your author. I am a member of your Tiburon’s command staff as Chief Engineer. I have been a member of Starfleet for over two years. I truly enjoy the people and all the things Tiburon does. Many of you know about the various dinner socials, club meetings, community service, and activities we do. I especially enjoy the get-togethers that are active. Just this past weekend, we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the USS Tiburon. We had a serious picnic at Chatfield Reservoir.

So much goes into making these things happen. The spot has to get reserved, and all the food has to be acquired. Our present XO and CMO, Doug, made the reservations at Chatfield for us. His wife, Jennie, no doubt played her part in making this happen too. They’re usually a dynamic duo in events, is my observation. My blog! My perspectives! mmkay? 

It takes coordination to have as many members to contribute in any way they can. Collectively, we can put together terrific parties. Bran makes orchestrating these events as painless as possible. Firstly, we all can learn about the events’ when and where through Facebook and the email Bran painstakingly writes each week. There’s almost always a link you can press to RSVP and find out what you can personally do or bring to help. Then you just have to add it to your calendar and bring the items you’ve pledged. Personally, I have brought copious amounts of ice, it being summer and such, and myself being painfully under-trained in culinary skills. 

At Chatfield Reservoir Fox Run picnic area we had a canopied location with lots of area around us. It began as a beautiful day. There were horseshoe pits, volleyball, an open area to throw frisbees, and it was just a short walk to the water’s shore, where you could fish. I may be a weak link in the kitchen, but I have a lot of balls. I brought basketballs, frisbees, and a volleyball. The basketballs on this occasion weren’t useful. However, we volleyed the heck out of the volleyball with my girlfriend, Nikki, who is also a member; we used her frisbee and had a good throw of it. Oh, and we skipped rocks, although some merely struck the water once and sank. I won’t mention any members by name, Tim, but I am still wondering what constitutes a skip. It was fun nonetheless. Unsure whose horseshoes we tossed, but we played that too! Bran and Tim, who shall remain nameless, won the match against Nikki and me.

Whilst all the playing was going on, Christina was hard at work grilling. She is the grill master, to be sure!! Christina has her signature BBQ sauce, which is always a hit. She made more than enough food for the hungry crowd. The chicken literally covered the large, outdoor, fixed BBQ briquette style grill. I mention it is fixed because it will not move. We found it may be nice to be able to move it, though. A typical Colorado weather front came through mid-BBQ!! I mean 60 mph gusts coming through. We had erected a 20′ x 10′ canopy to cover the grill from the light drizzle, which turned into light rain, which turned into a tornado. Seven of us had to keep the canopy from heading for the Rockies! For a good 15 minutes, our resolve was tested. We had people battening down the plates and napkins and holding onto their buns tightly. The rest of us scrambled and worked as a team to keep it all together. In the end, the wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the food was ready. After filling our bellies on amazing chicken and burgers, there was a vast array of desserts. It was all so good.

I mention all the sports activities because that’s what I personally did. But I have seen at the other gatherings that there are also card games and board games played too. I have been noting it and want to participate in that aspect as well. It looks like fun. I heard the laughter. You can always hear Lee’s laugh, the jokester. 

I left the picnic with Nikki feeling full and happy. There’s much to be said about being with a close group of friends and doing something fun outside your daily life circles. We aren’t at work with you or part of your daily grind at all. We are a getaway, but still close. It’s a bunch of people who know each other pretty well but don’t expect anything in particular from you, so it’s not stressful in the least. I truly enjoy everything about the Tiburon.

I encourage anyone still reading this to attend the next Tiburon gathering. We will enjoy having you there, and you will have fun. 

See you next time, friends,

LCDR Dan Parker
Chief Engineer