Quest For Honor PIII

Hello again, honored warriors; I have returned from my errand to the home world, a brief but humorous journey.

As to where we left off in our story. K’tal and I were accompanying the crew of the IKS bo’Degh laQ, a Brel Class ship, back to Qnos, a two-week journey. We were escorted to meet the ship’s Captain, a grizzled warrior named K’thorg; he agreed to our passage in exchange for help to his lacking crew. Ker’sen, his XO, took me aside to discuss what had transpired back on Rawl as well as teach me how to use the auxiliary weapons/tactical station. K’tal and I were integrated into the ship’s assignment schedule to aid the other crewmen until our return. During our down time K’Embri and I would meet; we spoke of tales of our family, of what had become of our family lineage and how we had become part of house Vampyr. K’Embri told the tale of how a brave warrior had risen through the ranks through battles and took it upon himself to find a house line by uniting smaller and less known houses to make a mighty, honorous house within the Empire. The remains of our previous house had been taken in by the new house, strengthening its numbers. Days passed on our voyage without incident, as the crew would share tales of great battles, epic myths of our people and what it meant to be Klingon. Many songs were sung as we continued our way to the home world.

As we traveled, we were hailed by an unknown distress signal. Dropping from warp, we came across what we had thought a derelict of an Exas attack ship. As we dropped from the warp to scan them, our gut instincts told us it was a trap. Our instincts were not wrong, as upon our approach the attack ship powered up and began to attack us. We quickly cloaked and withdrew as far as we could to assess our situation and devise a battle plan. Taking advantage of not being seen, we maneuvered behind the Exas ship and decloaked, firing at the ship’s thinly hulled power center. Although its hull was thin, it was greatly shielded, and our disruptors did minimal damage. As we moved toward their side, they fired upon us, our shields taking the brunt of the attack but left us feeling its impact as the ship rocked about from it. We recloaked, moving away for another pass; this time the attack ship countered by moving its own position. Sitting at the auxiliary weapon station, I made the suggestion of moving above the attack ship and launching a torpedo at their shield emitter, then pushing our impulse engines to full and advancing underneath them and firing on their underside. K’Throg chuckled with glee at my suggestion, admiring how very clever it was, and gave the order to execute the maneuver. We decloaked, launching the torpedo and watching it slowly move to its target, as the ship rushed our engines to a position beneath its hull. As the torpedo impacted the Exas’s ship shield emitter, our disruptors unloaded continuous volleys upon the ship’s now unprotected lower hull. A large explosion erupted from the Exas warship, engulfing it in a fireball, and then suddenly it was gone, leaving behind only the remains of what was. Cries of victory were heard throughout the bridge, as K’Throg commended me for my tactical suggestion. Captain K’Throg the had me take the chief tactical station for the remainder of our journey home.

By Lee Montgomery-Ler’aQ