We are a Denver/Colorado Front Range, Star Trek fan community. Our goal is to spread awareness of the Star Trek franchise, meet others with the same interests, and help worthy charities in the process while having fun along the way.

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What does it mean to be a member

We are all friends that have found each other through our love of Star Trek. We don't care how much of a "geek" you are. We all are "geeks" here.

MCA Group


We all are friends that have a love of Star Trek

Trail Cleanup


We make a difference in Colorado by doing many community service projects. 

Galaxyfest Fun


We have a lot of fun when we get together, whether for work or play, we make it fun!


Some of our OTHER Events

We do several events a month ranging from our Friday Night Socials to Game Day and well just about anything we all can think of. Below are just some examples of stuff we do!


Every month the members of the USS Tiburon gather either in person or virtually to have fun, discuss upcoming plans and events, and watch some Trek. Feel free to check out our schedule posted below and on social media to join us and see what the Tiburon is up to.

Friday Night Socials
Monthly 2nd Friday

Every month we gather at a different eatery in the Front Range area in order to enjoy each other's company in a friendly casual atmosphere. Feel free to check out where we will gathering next and join us to meet the members in a friendly casual way.

Community Service

We believe that it is important to use our time and talents to improve our little corner of the universe. We engage in multiple community service activities throughout the year.


In order to share our love of Star Trek we have put together a display to set up at conventions that any person, whether a casual watcher or die hard fan will enjoy.


What would a Star Trek fan group be without our "space pajamas" The Tiburon has taken it to the next step with many members to full alien makeup for our appearances.

Prop building

From Borg Alcoves to Transporter Pads, there is nothing quite as cool as holding a Phaser Rifle or Bat'leth in your hands. What is even better is doing it after you built it!

Nature Walks

We live in the great state of Colorado and its beautiful outdoor spaces. What better way is there to enjoy these areas than with your close Star Trek friends.

Social Outings

Having fun is part of being on the Tiburon and so we like to do all sorts of Social Outings. These include Beach Days, trips to Boondocks, the National Western Stockshow, and all sorts of other activities. 

Game Days

From tabletop to video games the group loves to get together to play all sorts of games. Several times a year we schedule these fun days to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Movie Outings

From Sci-Fi to Dramas, what would a social club be without going to movies, even ones that are not Star Trek, as a group and enjoying that movie together. 

anything else we want

We are always looking for new things that we can do as a group. If you have any ideas of something the Tiburon can do please feel free to drop us a note and let us know. 

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The USS Tiburon's Command Staff is the decision making body of the USS Tiburon.

Star Trek on TV

The first television series, simply called Star Trek and now referred to as "The Original Series", debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons on the television network NBC. It followed the interstellar adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and his crew aboard the starship USS Enterprise, a space exploration vessel, built by the United Federation of Planets in the twenty-third century. The Star Trek canon of the franchise includes The Original Series, an animated series, five spin-off television series, the film franchise, and further adaptations in several media.




Star Trek Movies

Following the huge success of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, Paramount decided to adapt its pilot episode, for a new Star Trek Series, into a Star Trek feature film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). Five more Star Trek feature films featuring the entire original cast followed. The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) starred in a further four films. The series was put on a hiatus until the franchise was rebooted with a new film, on May 8, 2009, simply titled Star Trek, serving as a reboot to the franchise with a new cast portraying younger versions of the original series' characters. A sequel to Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, was released in theaters on May 16, 2013. A third film, Star Trek Beyond, was released on July 22, 2016, on the franchise's 50th anniversary.

All Films
Budget $720 million
Box office $2.3 billion




Original Star Trek Facts

Here are some interesting facts from Star Trek: The Original Series. It was aired on Television for 3 years, from 1966 to 1969. The total series is 79 episodes, that's 3,950 minutes of Star Trek goodness!

He's Dead Jim

Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Kirk's Shirt Rips

The USS Tiburon has been proudly serving the Colorado Front Range as a  chapter of Starfleet: the International Star Trek Fan Association INC. since 2005.

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. is a Star Trek fan club which was created in 1974.

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If you are interested in getting more information about the USS Tiburon or you're an event organizer that would like to have the USS Tiburon appear are your event, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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