Star Trek Warps through the Saturn Awards, Picard and Strange New Worlds Win Big!

The various incarnations of Star Trek were nominated for a total of 14 Saturn Awards, including Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Lower Decks, and Star Trek Strange New Worlds. See the list below of the nominations and below for the wins! 
Best Animated Series or Special Star Trek: Lower Decks
Best Science Fiction Television Series
Star Trek: Picard
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Best Actor in a Television Series
Anson Mount (Strange New Worlds)
Patrick Stewart (Picard)
Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series
Jonathan Frakes (Picard)
Ethan Peck (Strange New Worlds)
Ed Speleers (Picard)
Todd Stashwick (Picard)
Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series
Jess Bush (Strange New Worlds)
Celia Rose Gooding (Strange New Worlds)
Jeri Ryan (Picard)
Best Guest Star in a Television Series
Amanda Plummer (Picard)
Paul Wesley (Strange New Worlds)

Trekking into Triumph: Both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds triumphed at the recent Saturn Awards, after being overlooked at previous award shows.
Picard Leads the Charge: Picard secured an impressive four awards, including Best Science Fiction Television Series, Best Actor for Patrick Stewart, Best Supporting Actress for Jeri Ryan, and Best Supporting Actor for Jonathan Frakes.
The Next Generation Cast was Honored: Adding to the Trek celebration, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation received a special Lifetime Achievement Award.
Breaking Down the Wins:
  • Best Series: Showrunner Terry Matalas accepted the award, highlighting the team effort and honoring those who inspire future generations of Star Trek.
  • Best Supporting Actress: Jeri Ryan’s emotional journey as Seven of Nine resonated with the Academy, recognizing her acting prowess.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Though absent, Jonathan Frakes’ nuanced portrayal of a grieving Riker in “Seventeen Seconds” deservedly earned him the award.
  • Best Guest Star: Paul Wesley’s diverse portrayals of James T. Kirk, including the Prime timeline version in Strange New Worlds, secured him the win.
  • Overall: This awards sweep marks a sweet victory for Star Trek, showcasing the franchise’s enduring legacy and the remarkable talent behind Picard and Strange New Worlds.