303rd Blue Akulas May 2021 Report

One aspect of SFI that many people enjoy is Starfleet Academy. To that end, Starfleet Special Operations (SFSO) has created customized learning programs using a full range of courses available from many of the different colleges.  The SFSO programs are designed to train operatives in special forces skills to prepare them for the type of missions that would be expected from SFSO operatives.  The training programs are broken up into 10 levels of Basic Training, 6 specializations of Advanced Training, and a whole host of Specialty Training programs. Operatives need only to complete 2 levels of basic training before beginning Advanced or Specialty programs.
The 6 disciplines within Advanced Training are:

α  Alpha – Indirect Action
ALPHA Operatives are the backbone of SFSO and MACO Teams. These Operative are the Ground Forces equivalent of the Shipboard Security and Tactical Personnel.

β Beta – Special Reconnaissance
BETA Recon Operatives are elite operatives specializing in deep penetrating, long range missions. They are tasked by SFSO/MACO Command to engage in surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, damage assessment and terrain weather monitoring.

γ  Gamma – Raiders
Gamma Operatives are extensively trained in land war combat, specializing in jungle, desert, or arctic combat, along with the appropriate survival skills. They also specialize in training indigenous personnel to act as force multipliers

δ  Delta – Direct Action
Delta Operatives are operatives are trained in space, sea, air and land operations. It’s not unheard of for a Delta operative to be dropped from orbit, paradrop through the sky, land in the sea, swim 10 miles, infiltrate an enemy base and place demolitions.

ε  Epsilon – Intelligence
Epsilon Operatives who gather intelligence, either by covert or overt means, belong to this branch. These operatives are responsible for infiltrating another society, gathering information and sending it back to the analyst. Epsilon operatives often work alone or in small groups.

Ω  Omega – Counter-Intelligence
Omega Operatives are highly qualified in all aspects of SFSO/MACO operations, from Alpha to Gamma. They also have additional skills to make them better counter-intelligence operatives.
Specialty training allows a deep dive into one specific topic.   Specialty programs include: Aerospace Specialist, Astronomy Specialist, Communications Specialist, Engineering Specialist:
Flight Operations Specialist, Historian, Intelligence Analysis Specialist, Legal Affairs Specialist, Medical Specialist, Science Specialist, Sniper, Survival Specialist, VIP Protection Specialist, Weapons, and Xenology Specialist.
Along with recognition for every training program completed, SFSO maintains a significant number of Awards for training excellence.
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COL Matthew Davies Blue Akula Team Leader