Join us once again, warriors, as we continue our tale!

Upon finally reaching the home world, our party made our way to House Vampyr’s great hall, where we celebrated my long-overdue return to Qo’nos. The next morning both K’tal and I were presented to the head of the house, Lord Vampyr; Captain K’Throg told the tale of our deeds on Rawl and what a glorious battle it was, along with our brief space encounter on our return. The house lord briefly spoke to his house council, then welcomed us into its fold.

A great feast was celebrated as we were introduced to the rest of the house. Kembri introduced me to the fellow warriors who would become my closest friends and my crew: Gho’Jira, a great warrior, veteran of many battles, and his mate Roh’dan, a brilliant linguist with a subtle ear; a medical officer by the name of Kheh’ta VoltIy; and the beautiful K’leela. The festivities raged through the night as I got to know the warriors that made up House Vampyr. The house’s marine commander, Dnoup, and I became fast friends over half a barrel of blood wine, and after a few mugs he suggested that I be offered my own command. The thought troubled me a bit, as I was not sure about taking my own command, so I sought the council of K’tal on this idea. K’tal had been welcomed to the house as well but allowed me to take the spotlight. I asked his opinion, if I were to take command if he would serve as my first officer, but with a firm embrace he refused. He told me his plan to return to his home on Rawl, but this time asking for a few soldiers to add to the ranks of the K’Noton warriors to help him protect the land. After a few days I found myself promoted to the rank of Lt. and was given the captaintacy of a Brel class ship, the IKS Tiburon. Our vessel was to join the mighty house fleet.

I quickly assembled my crew, taking Gho’Jira as my first officer. K’Embri joined as my chief engineer and Roh’dan as our communication officer. Years passed, as we have proudly served both the Empire and brought honor to our house. During one of our journeys home, Dnoup introduced me to his daughter K’Leela; it was not too long after we started a courtship, and soon we were mated. Our maiden crew was expanded as K’leela, along with Sayba, Tvanna T’Sera, Kheh’ta VoltIy and Jorel’Kor, joined our band of warriors.

Now that you have heard my tale, I call upon any warrior brave enough to serve House Vampyr and the Empire to come and join the crew of the IKS Tiburon!

Qapla, my friends.

Lt Ler’aQ KNotton Vampyr– (Lee Montgomery Chief Operations Officer) Officer-In-Charge IKS Tiburon