Happy Anniversary, USS Tiburon!

Wow, how quickly the last year has passed. It’s also amazing just how many things have happened in that span. We lost one crew member to the depths. We celebrated when one of our on board real life couples

Star Trek Voyager: A Pocket Full of Lives, by Kristen Beyer

I would like to start this book review by saying I am not the biggest Voyager fan. I did watch the series, but only because after Deep Space Nine ended there was no other Trek on TV.

Summer is Here!

Hey there it’s me again, Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag reporting from the science lab here on the USS Tiburon currently in orbit around earth. I just thought I would take a little time away from the Tribbles

Friday Night Social, May 2016

Back in February of this year, the crew of the Tiburon, in an effort to reconnect to our friends and meet new people, created our social nights. A night one day a month to meet up relax

Spring is Here

Outside my window the skies are gray and there is thunder off in the distance – this after a nice morning walk in the sunshine. I can’t deny it spring is definitely here. In my last post,

From the Bridge May 2016

Well folks, April was a busy month and May is a little quieter, this was intentional based on last minute days scheduled for getting ready for Denver Comic Con. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, the USS