Friday Night Social, May 2016

Back in February of this year, the crew of the Tiburon, in an effort to reconnect to our friends and meet new people, created our social nights. A night one day a month to meet up relax

Spring is Here

Outside my window the skies are gray and there is thunder off in the distance – this after a nice morning walk in the sunshine. I can’t deny it spring is definitely here. In my last post,

From the Bridge May 2016

Well folks, April was a busy month and May is a little quieter, this was intentional based on last minute days scheduled for getting ready for Denver Comic Con. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, the USS

Good Times and Great Food

Hey everyone, this is Chief  Science Officer Jennie Sontag, reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon with a very full stomach. The crew and I, along with a few select guests, enjoyed a wonderful night out at the

From the Bridge April 2016

Hey folks, Hope this post finds all of you doing well out there in Trek land. Each month I plan to write a blog about what is going on with the Tiburon. We are a pretty busy

Rocky Horror – Steam Punk Fusion

Esquire Theater goers were taken on a journey into “Pure Imagination” Saturday March 26th, as Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient preformed their Second Annual Steam Punk Show. Denver’s Rocky Horror Picture Show’s shadow cast created a sense of wonder