Ronald McDonald House

Good afternoon! This is Fleet Captain Jennifer Sontag reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon, currently in orbit around Planet X in the Gamma Quadrant.  This is my monthly report for the bridge crew and for the general crew.  I know it’s

Eaglemoss Star Trek Collectibles – The Undiscovered Country Beyond

Eaglemoss Star Trek Collectibles-The Undiscovered Country Beyond By:  Christopher B. Swanson (Security Chief) For this month’s Tiburon article, I will review the line of Star Trek ships currently available from Eaglemoss.  Eaglemoss is a company in Great

Eagalemoss Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection: Hive Review

In a world as vast as Star Trek, a world that spans 6 television series,13 films and thousands of books, the argument of what is canon is one that comes up often. Although not considered canon, Star Trek comics have been and are

Ranked Reading January 2018

Greetings crew, and welcome to the first edition of Ranked Reading for 2018. Just remember, the higher the rank that I give a book the more it “commanded my attention.” First up is “The Autobiography of James

Bears, Sharks and Trekkers Oh My!

Good morning everyone, this the Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon currently in route back to base from an away mission. The crew and I had the privilege of beaming

Business is Definitely Picking Up

Good day everyone! Wow, another month has passed in the blink of an eye and a recent meeting of the Command Staff (those mystical officers that try to keep things running) filled up a fair portion of