The Tiburon’s own Ferengi – Frak!

Frack-01Check out this awesome video of our own USS Tiburon Ferengi Frak at the Colorado Sky Sox Star Trek Night 2014.

The USS Tiburon fabricated their on Star Trek PADDs for use at the event.  One of these PADDs was a Mandate to STARFLEET Security.

The charges that STARFLEET Security is placing against Frak is as follows;

Profiteering, Bribery, Weapon Trafficking, Smuggling, Fraud, Information Brokering, Embezzlement.

Subject is not known to be dangerous. Is known to associate with Orion Syndicate. Had been know to hire Naussican and Orion mercenaries as protection. Apprehend upon contact. Inform STARFLEET Security immediately if subject is found.


Here is a video of Frak at the event!

Walter Koenig at Star Trek Night 2014!

Here is a great video interview with Colorado Springs Gazette with Walter Koenig from Star Trek the Original Series and 7 Star Trek Movies plus many many other things.

More picture and video to follow from the USS Tiburon’s performance at Star Trek Night with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox!



The Colorado Sky Sox STAR TREK NIGHT!!

072614_TrekMW_m99oyazt_smcmrsdjJoin members of the USS Tiburon, USS Zebulon Pike, USS Wind Spirit and USS Pioneer for Colorado Sky Sox Star Trek Night at Security Service Field in Colorado Springs!

While the Colorado Sky Sox battle the Round Rock Express the Federation will face it’s most deadly enemy!

Star Trek characters such and the Ferengi, Orions, Mugato, Klingons, Andorians, Catians, Vulcans and many others will be in the crowd through the games.  Yes, I said games.  July 26th is a Double Header!

Also, special Star Trek guest Walter Koenig from Star Trek the Original Series will be there to enjoy the game, mingle with fans and much more.

Who will win the game and who will win the galaxy!

The Colorado Sky Sox play at Security Service Field in Colorado Springs. Here is the address in case you need it - 4385 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80922.  Tickets are still available click here to get yours today - 

Ranked Reading for July 2014

16158516Greetings one and all to another edition of Ranked Reading.

This month I have a non-sci-fi book but one that I’ve been asked by members of the crew to read and review. One of my personal favorite authors is Robert B Parker. Upon his death I feared that I would no longer be able to read the adventures of private detective Spenser or Paradise Mass. Police Chief Jesse Stone. It was with more than a little surprise that I found that these beloved characters had been turned over to new authors. Jesse Stone has been turned over to Michael Brandman while Spenser has been turned over to Ace Atkins. So, without further adieu, I present this month’s book “Robert B Parker’s Wonderland, A Spenser Novel by Ace Atkins”.

Henry Cimoli is a former boxer and owner of the gym with a boxing area in the back where Spenser and Hawk like to workout has a problem. A Las Vegas casino owner is trying to force he the neighbors in his condo complex to sellout. Their objective for the property is to level the condos and an old dog racing track already in their control and put up a casino. After being confronted by a couple of thugs Henry does what he’s never done before . . . cash in a favor with Spenser. With Hawk working out of state on another job it’s up to Spenser and his new apprentice Zebulon Sixkill to get to the bottom of things. Many hard lessons are learned by Sixkill and the trail has he and Spenser paying visits to the Massachusetts mob. A professional friendship is also placed on the rocks as the erstwhile casino owner turns up dead. Ace Atkins nails both the Spenser and Zebulon Sixkill characters with a style reminiscent (in my opinion) to the great Mr Parker himself. This is a must read for any Spenser fan. My Rank: Admiral!

On a supplemental note. If your favorite character is “Jesse Stone” Michael Brandman has got that character down as well. I’m a bit long here but I would rank “Robert B Parker’s Killing the Blues a Jesse Stone novel” as Vice Admiral. Pick it up when you pick up “Wonderland” and enjoy the ride.

Until next time. The ship’s reading lamp is definitely . . . ON!


USS Tiburon General Meeting June 21st @ 1pm

The USS Tiburon is proud to announce the date of it’s June meeting!

What is a general meeting you ask? Well simply put it’s a meeting where members, friends and invited guests can come together and discuss Tiburon activities, events and socialize. There maybe game playing or whatever else we might want to do.

In order to celebrate the first day of summer we have decided to have the meeting outside!  Hoffman Park is located just behind Aurora Fire Station #2 (12600 Hoffman Blvd 80011).  There is a barbecue shelter located just behind the Fire Station.

Another change for this meeting is that we will be ending it a little early. Members are attending the Denver Outlaws Game starting at 5 pm.  The meeting will run from 1 pm until 3 pm for this month.

There is a parking lot on the Southwest side of the Fire Station that we are to use. Below is a image showing where to park.

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