Getting Lost in Broomfield

Good evening, this is Chief Science Officer, Jennie Sontag, reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon currently in orbit around Earth. This past weekend I had the privilege of attending and hosting an event with some

Ranked Reading for October

Greetings gentle readers, for another edition of Ranked Reading. This month’s book is “Star Trek: TOS: Foul Deeds Will Rise” by Greg Cox. The crew of the USS Enterprise A is joined by former Lieutenant, now ambassador,

From the XO for October

<Yawn> What? I’m on? Why don’t you people tell me these things? <Grumble> I’m sad to say that there is nothing currently happening on board the USS Tiburon. Unfortunately real life (including some occupational changes and a

Book Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation Armageddon’s Arrow

After the events of the Takedown incident, the USS Enterprise E undertakes a new mission: a mission of exploration, the principal that Starfleet was founded on. They are dispatched to a sector of relatively unknown space, only charted by probes. There,

New From the Roving Restaurant Reporter

After arriving a couple of hours early for a recent concert at the Pepsi Center, my girlfriend and I decided to seek out a nearby restaurant for dinner. Within a few blocks (about 5 minutes on foot) we came