NEW USS Tiburon Friday Night Social

The Tiburon is gearing up for 2016 and proud to announce our first new event for the year will be our Friday Night Social!  This is pretty much a meet and greet type of event where we will gather at a

We’re Still Here

Tiburon Hailing Frequencies Open Happy 2016 everyone! We’re still here, as if there was any doubt. Our first big event of the year is going to be a trip to the National Western Stock show on Saturday

Happy Holiday’s from the crew of the USS Tiburon

Well, its that time of year again. I hope everyone was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends. Next up is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, the Klingon Day of Honor, New Year’s and many others. For me,

Happy 20th Anniversary USS Pioneer NCC 5280-D!

On Saturday November 28 a small team from the USS Tiburon departed on board shuttle Shark Bait One and set course to rendezvous with the USS Pioneer at the Warp 20 Cafe and Casino. Chief of Sciences

Mile High Sci-Fi vs The Last Starfighter

As an avid fan of movies, new or old, good or bad, one of my favorite activities while watching is to talk back to the screen. In the tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mile High Sci-Fi