Monthly Archive:: February 2013

February Wrap-up

February has been a been a very busy month for the USS Tiburon. We hosted the VIP suite at Galaxy Fest in Colorado springs. The suite was a gigantic hit with all the guests and the VIP’s.

From the Hole

Well, it’s that time of the month again. Time for another report From the Hole. Hopefully the crew of the USS Tiburon is recovering after the week of partying (two birthdays and one anniversary in one week

Cool new Star Trek Into Darkness Motion Poster

A new motion poster for Star Trek into Darkness has been released. The poster features John Harrison looking out over a city, with a voice-over by Benedict Cumberbatch as Harrison. “You think your world is safe,” says

USS Tiburon sponsors VIP Con Suite at GalaxyFest 2013

  In conjunction with GalaxyFest the USS Tiburon is hosting the VIP Con Suite throughout the run of the convention.  Located in the Governor’s Suite located on the 13th floor the VIP Con Suite will provide a

Echoes In Space Karaoke System Check

USS Tiburon Security Chief Lee Montgomery and Engineer Crewman Nick Villarreal having fun on Saturday’s system check day performing Love Shack by alternative rock band The B-52’s. Originally released in 1989 from their album Cosmic Thing. GalaxyFest