Ranked Reading for April 2015

Greetings crew members and anyone else enjoying this feed.

This month (proving that we’re not just Star Trek fans) I’ve got two reviews from the relm of Star Wars.


First is “X-Wing: Mercy Kill” by Aaron Allston. Set in the Legacy Era of the franchise (40+ years after Episode IV) the story centers around a special forces / black ops group that goes on missions behalf of the Republic. Members and family of former members of Wraith Squadron (a force that operated during the Civil War against Emperor Palpatine and the Empire) are tasked with trying to prove the guilt or innocence of a Republic General that almost caused the rebellion to fail. Doing what needs to be done to find the truth will their investigation find a traitor or confirm a hero? For those looking for Star Wars intrigue without the drama of the core heroes from the films this is a pretty good read. My Rank: Captain


Next up (going the other direction on the Star Wars timeline to approximately 10 – 20 years before Episode IV) “Tarkin” by James Luceno. A mobile battle station is being constructed by the Empire and a major research and development base under command of Governor / Moff Tarkin is attacked. Due to the nature of the work being done at the facility and illegal electronics components being found in a relatively nearby star system the Emperor decides to launch an investigation. Palpatine assigns his two top allies Tarkin and Darth Vader to follow the trail wherever it leads and to silence this possible threat. Base after base is attacked and Tarkin relives the events of his youth that helped to make him into one of the galaxy’s most feared men in order to try and solve the puzzle of where the insurgents will strike next. A very good read with Tarkin and Vader truely teaming up. My Rank: Admiral

Until next time the ship’s reading lamp is definitely ON!

The XO