Book Review – Star Trek the Next Generation: Takedown

TakedownWhile the state of the ever volatile Alpha quadrant is in a continuous flux, eight rebel starships undertake the task of extinguishing communications arrays throughout the sector. Among these rouge saboteurs is The U.S.S. Aventine, under the helm of Captain Ezri Dax. Tasked with the challenge to halt these attacks, the Enterprise and her crew are sent to investigate, only to discover Admiral William T. Riker is on board as part of a special assignment. What exactly is Riker’s involvement? The situation intensifies as Riker will not, and can not fold his hand to his friend, mentor and former captain. The Enterprise goes against the Aventine who is by far the faster vessel , what ensues is a strategic skirmish and plight to discover the explanation, before the sectors factions retaliate violently.

The events of this novel take place during the same time period as my last reviewed novel. When I first read of the plot of this novel I was a bit hesitant, but will admit I enjoyed it immensely. I had a hard time putting it down and felt compelled to find out what happened next. If you are a fan of the continued story in the novels, you won’t want to miss this book.