From the XO for October

Tiburon 10th Logo<Yawn> What? I’m on? Why don’t you people tell me these things? <Grumble>

I’m sad to say that there is nothing currently happening on board the USS Tiburon. Unfortunately real life (including some occupational changes and a family emergency or three) has intervened and kept the Command Staff from even having a quick planning meeting in which to plan an actual crew meeting. Please rest assured that we will endeavor to put something together once things quiet down and return to a semblance of normal. My personal hope is that we can at least plan a holiday party but, again, that relies on the Command Staff being permitted by real life to return to our normal ship board duties. Please stay tuned to this USS Tiburon frequency for further updates and developments.

You may now return to your normal routine.

First Officer out.

<Yawn> Please turn off the lights when you leave. <click> Thank you.