Appointment of Starfleet Region 17 Regional Coordinator

To: Bran Stimpson & the Seventeenth Fleet

From: STARFLEET Headquarters – Office of the Commander, STARFLEET

Re: Appointment of Region 17 Regional Coordinator

I have received word from the Inspector General that, in the matter of the Region 17 Regional Coordinator Election, Admiral Bran Stimpson has received a plurality of nominations and has met the eligibility requirements to serve as the Regional Coordinator.

Here is the official verbiage from the Inspector General:

“It is my duty to announce that the Region 17 Coordinator election has concluded, with ADM Bran Stimpson, based on the polling of the chapters of Region 17, winning in the nomination phase.  He is hereby ordered to retain command of Starbase 17 and the 17th Fleet.  ADM Stimpson shall serve the two-year term, ending on 11/30/18.  May God have mercy on his soul.”

Congratulations and best wishes for your future success!

In Service,


ADM Robin Woodell-Vitasek

Commander, STARFLEET